Outsourcing management is an effective way to complete IT projects on time and within budget

Whether it’s migration to the cloud or revamping the entire IT infrastructure, BDS’s IT Project Management provides dedicated personnel with the right expertise to get your projects off the ground. Remove the burden from your in-house IT team and let us take care of your IT projects from start to finish.

We work closely with open communication and minds set toward a common goal.

Our IT Project Management is developed in five phases:

  • Conception - we provide insights as to whether the project can provide real value and make recommendations to improve the process
  • Planning - we define the resources, budget, and timeframe required
  • Execution - we disseminate tasks to different production teams and project execution takes off
  • Monitoring - we monitor and review aspects of the project and resolve any issues quickly
  • Closing - we consider the project completed only when a client has evaluated and approved