Understands us and delivers on-time and on-budget

At CBM, we all wear multiple hats. One of my hats happens to be IT. 90% of the time, I love my IT hat. Troubleshooting technical issues is something I look forward to doing! The added benefit is avoiding hiring a full or part-time staff dedicated to IT which saves our company quite a bit of money. On the other hand, there are times I know I’m out of my wheelhouse and need outside help. In the end, outside help is my responsibility so I go through a process to vet each potential technology partner. Our previous technology partner could not handle moving our on-prem server to Microsoft 365’s environment. It was clear we needed a new partner to cover the high level projects and technology I couldn’t handle. That’s when I reached out to BDS. What I liked most about BDS was they took the time to understand our situation, what our goals were, and created a clear plan to achieve our goals. While we did hit some road bumps through the process, BDS was there for us to make things right. I appreciate a partner who owns up to their mistakes and works hard to make things right. Despite those road bumps, BDS was able to deliver the project, on-time and on-budget. I look forward to working with BDS on future projects!

CBM, Inc. Jay Carlson CBM, Inc.

Hand-on owner with amazing staff

I first met Huey when he started coming to the Leawood Chamber networking events. What I like most about Huey is that he is a hands-on owner. He is extremely knowledgeable about information technology. His ability to do things himself is really important to us feeling comfortable about doing business with BDS.

I feel that way about most businesses. If the owner of a business knows how to do what his staff is being asked to do, that lends a lot of credibility to what the business is doing. That’s part of why I knew I could trust BDS with my organization’s IT needs. I also like how he actually listens to what I want to do and looks for ways to serve our needs.

“Our staff has more time to do the work that’s important to our business”

Thanks to BDS, we now have access to IT experts around the clock, which is important to us. Working with their staff is always a pleasure. They genuinely care for our needs and take the time to explain things to us. All the staff members are very positive and customer oriented.

With BDS supporting us, our staff has more time to do the work that’s important to our business versus maintaining our IT infrastructure. What would take us 3 hours to solve would take BDS 20 minutes. I used to be the in-house support person and I had to figure out things myself. Now, I say, “Call BDS.” It helps that BDS is incredibly responsive. I can’t think of a time when they weren’t responsive in an emergency situation.

Saved by BDS’s Backup Systems

BDS not only helped us with IT support but also helped maintain, backup and monitor our systems. On one occasion, we were saved by those very systems. Our systems got a file locker virus and with the help of Nick, one of their technicians, we were able to revert to the previous day’s backup with very little data loss. That kind of business continuity is extremely important to us. Without that kind of business continuity plan, we could have been down for days, or weeks. These days, we very seldom have downtime because BDS is proactively applying updates and monitoring our systems.

For me to hire someone on staff to keep up with all of this, that would cost me a lot more than what I pay BDS. I’m very happy with the services and value I get for the price I pay. It’s very affordable.

Thank you, Huey and the BDS team, for giving us the support we need!

Kevin Jeffries President & CEO
Leawood Chamber of Commerce

Keeps us running and safe

Before switching to BDS, we were dealing with a smaller IT provider. It eventually came to the point where we outgrew them in terms of security and business continuity planning. They just didn’t have the expertise to handle the issues at hand. And on one occasion, that lack of expertise caused our server to be down for 4 days. That’s when Huey bailed us out.

I think I was lucky to have known Huey before we started our own companies. Back when we worked together at one of the regional public accounting firms, I was always impressed with the type of services and expertise he provided for them. He’s one of those people that you really respected because he’s so highly versed in his profession and just very trustworthy. That’s why we asked him to come to our aid.

“Switching our systems to one with better security”

He got us back up and running as well as switching our systems to one with better security features. The new security features give me one less thing to worry about at night. As Certified Public Accountants, we deal with our clients’ most sensitive data. We WANT to make sure they are protected and it’s a requirement we have as well. It’s imperative we have a system that protects their data from hackers and other outside threats. That’s a number one priority for us. And Huey’s expertise with cyber security helped give us peace of mind.

This system also had a proven backup which changed us from being reactive to proactive. With a concrete business continuity plan in place, we don’t have to worry about, “What if we lose our data?” or “What if we accidently delete something we wanted to keep?” With a proactive business continuity plan, we knew that when we did have issues, and sometimes they do arise, it’s not an emergency and we can continue business as usual.

BDS Focuses on Keeping You Up and Running

Being able to work during tax season is really important to us. Being down for days or even a few hours hurts our productivity tremendously. The response time I get from BDS to deal with any problem has been wonderful. For example, I was working on a Sunday and I had an issue with the tax preparation software and texted Huey. Even though it was a Sunday, I got a quick response. It was a very simple fix but that kept me going and being productive. Thank goodness BDS was willing to respond on the weekend!

BDS is really dedicated to us which is what we’ve always needed and it’s worked out great!

Brenda Hoover President
Hoover & Hibdon, PC

Allows our business to operate more efficiently

We have been a client for a long time - prior to 2007 we had a string of IT companies that were bought by other companies, numerous times. We found that with each buy out, our service was less and less reliable. We are a small company, and since 2007 BDS has effectively handled ALL of our IT needs. This benefits us by eliminating the need to hire in-house IT staff. BDS is such an integral part of our team that we just simply don’t worry about IT…we have BDS.

“Security of our system is one of the top priorities at BDS”

From in-depth hardware and software recommendations to large scale systems upgrades every project is researched with our needs in mind and meticulously planned for a seamless completion. The security of our system is one of the top priorities at BDS, from their much-appreciated Security Alert email notifications on items we would never have known about, to monthly evaluations of our entire system and its functions. The upgrade and update recommendations to our software and hardware help keep us up-to-date and allow our business to operate efficiently.

BDS Eliminates the Headaches of Technology

Personally I most appreciate the knowledge that any problem I run into, even with a 3rd party vendor’s software, BDS is just a phone call away. If I feel uncertain or uneasy all I have to do is pick up the phone and give them a call. The staff is very professional, always willing to provide additional information if you ask or are if you are just curious.

I truly do not know how I would do my job without BDS, you are that much a part of our team and we “selfishly” wish you much success!

Ginny Clardy Controller
DDI Realty Services, Inc.

With BDS, we can focus on our core business

As an expanding mid-sized company, most of us are asked to wear several different hats and one of those hats for me was overseeing the IT. While having some experience, IT was not my main role with the company.

BDS Keeps Employees Productive

Our company eventually grew to the size where addressing IT problems was impeding with my primary responsibilities and the complexity of our needs had outgrown my knowledge. We wanted someone local for an onsite presence with reasonable rates. That’s when we chose Business Data Services.

After working with BDS, my time spent on addressing IT problems went from 3-4 hours per case to virtually 0. I’d say I spend 75% less time on IT problems since working with BDS. There has been less volatility within our whole network since we’ve brought BDS on. I can always call on them whenever I have a problem and have it addressed quickly and efficiently. When our employees call BDS, I like how they know who we are and they are familiar with our network.

“We have things operating smoothly and that’s what we needed all along”

When working with larger firms, I often waited hours on the phone for them to figure out who what company I was with and which department I needed to be routed to. More often than not, BDS has fixed the problem faster than the time it would have taken to talk to a technician at the larger firms. With BDS, we have things operating smoothly and that’s what we needed all along so we can focus on our core business.

Mike Wirtz Assistant Controller
VanTrust Real Estate

Provides a Multitude of Benefits

BDS is able to provide our company with a multitude of benefits. Be it the hardware, the operating systems, or the right size and configuration of the systems, BDS is always suggesting products to improve our business and maintain our operation. BDS looks at all aspects of our business to provide a customized plan that fits our business’s needs. Not a plan that works for someone else’s business. BDS helps with integrating not only just the computer and the network but also the internet service provider and telephone systems and how that all works together.

Honestly, we have some people in-house that are pretty tech savvy but they’ve got other things to do. They could do it but that would take them away from their job and there’s a learning curve. BDS helps save them time and makes sure they maintain productivity which saves me time and money in the end. They help keep us online and running. BDS helps us lower our overhead of hiring our own IT staff member. We don’t require that much time and attention.

BDS Takes the Stress Out of Technology

We know we can depend on BDS to come to our aid whenever something’s not working and we need to make sure the systems are up and running. As the president of Clay & Bailey, knowing I have experts helps take the stress and anxiety out of technology. The single most important thing is we can call BDS with many different opportunities or problems and have them help us.

John Patrick President
Clay & Bailey Manufacturing Co.

Peace of mind

BDS brought me education along with peace of mind! As a photographer, it is vitally important that my backups are easy, reliable, and hassle-free. With BDS, I can download, store, copy, and edit without fear of loss of data. So grateful, and the people at BDS are top-notch and a joy to deal with.

Kelly Alley President & CEO
Kelly Alley Photography

Turns life’s lemons into lemonade

We found BDS in an effort to maintain continuity over the years through mergers and relocations. We opted to utilize personnel who turned life’s lemons into lemonade. BDS used these events as opportunities to better themselves thus causing a win-win situation for both companies. BDS has been steadfast over the years in their support of our business.

“We rely on them for everything”

By utilizing experts who were already familiar with our business processes, we saved the potential headaches that come with a learning curve. After bringing BDS on-board, they expanded their existing knowledge of our business to the point we rely on them for everything: Tablets, cellphones, workstation computers, servers, and other specialized industry IT equipment. This helps us integrate technology into our business to run more efficiently and effectively.

When nothing seems to be running the way it should, it’s nice to have BDS in your corner to sort it out.

Don Stokes Office Manager
Public Water Supply District #2

Made the transition easy

Trusting an outside party to take care of IT services is always difficult since they have to touch so much sensitive information. BDS made the transition to assuming support of our systems very easy. They are always quick to respond and help whenever the need arises. Not only did they bring support to our company, they also brought education. I’m impressed at how they can improve our computers and network with just one visit. The BDS team is always professional and they look out for our best interest.

Jeffrey Alpert Partner
Park Place Partners, LLC

Prompt and professional service

We have been working with Business Data Services for about a year and are very pleased with their prompt and professional service. They are very knowledgeable and keep our technology running smoothly. Their recent work with our Office 365 migration, Wi-Fi replacement and iCloud backup has been impressive. As a non-profit organization, they help us save money by eliminating the need for an in-house IT expert. We know we are in good hands with BDS.

Carol St. Clair Pastoral Assistant
Lee’s Summit Christian Church

BDS Provides Us Peace of Mind

As a snow removal company, our clients depend on us to be able to remove snow and ice 24/7. That’s why we need to know our systems are always up and running during the busy season. Without the resources to manage our servers and systems in-house, we looked to outsourcing it. That’s when we found Business Data Services.

The single biggest benefit of using BDS is having the peace of mind that we have a company who knows how to keep our systems running. BDS is truly an extension of our company. They are very accessible and make an honest effort to educate our staff. On top of that, the BDS team gets the job done right the first time around.

BDS also introduced new technology that minimizes our downtime which will save us money and keep employees productive. With their backup device, I can sleep peacefully knowing our data is protected from any type of disaster. Even the snow!

If you are looking to hire an IT firm, BDS is easy to reach and has the knowledge and experience to keep your IT systems running at a reasonable price.

Mark Smith Office Manager
Snowmen, Inc.

Protects my business and keeps us productive

Before I met Huey, our company was using an individual that was doing IT support part-time. Even though that IT service provider met our needs when we first signed up with him, we outgrew the amount of support he could provide us. As a fairly substantial staffing company, we needed to know our systems would work, especially during critical times for our business like when we are cutting checks.

Lost time and money before BDS

For some reason, technical problems would happen whenever we needed our systems the most. Of course, when it happens at a time like that, everyone goes into panic mode. On another occasion, there was a problem that caused us to lose critical data. Consequently, we couldn’t bill out. We also loss invoices which resulted in our company losing money. Without that essential IT support, the burden of fixing technical problems would fall onto my shoulders or one of the employee’s shoulders. This situation hurts us because they would have to spend an average of half a day trying to fix a problem rather than doing the work that they were hired to do.

Another situation we were in was with our first office. Our first office was located in downtown Kansas City. Even though we were backing things up onsite, one of my biggest concerns was if someone broke into our building took all of our equipment and our books, we wouldn’t be able to run our business. Without the success or support we sorely needed, moving to Huey and Business Data Services was a no-brainer.

“Takes a load off my shoulders”

Business Data Services brought a team of experts that were already familiar with our systems and could support us around the clock. With the BDS team supporting us, we don’t have to spend our valuable time trying to solve technology problems. Little things like making sure a new employee is set-up with email and login credentials saves us a lot of time. Something that would take us half a day, they solve in 5 minutes. If one of my team members or partners ever has a problem, I always say, “Call BDS.” This takes a load off my shoulders along with keeping everyone productive.

With BDS taking care of our technology, I know I don’t have to worry about losing my data or having a technology related problem. They come in every month to make sure everything is running in top condition while updating the equipment if needed. I feel this approach is better than waiting for problems to happen. BDS also takes care of my backups. Because of their recommendations of both on-site and off-site backups, I don’t have to worry about losing my business data any longer.

Jim Kolarik Owner
Kansas City Sports Club, Preferred Staffing