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On this call we can discuss your unique situation, any concerns you have and of course, answer any questions you have about us. If you feel comfortable moving ahead, we’ll schedule a convenient time to conduct our proprietary 27-Point IT Systems Assessment.

This Assessment can be conducted 100% remote with or without your current IT company or department knowing (we can give you the full details on our initial consultation call). At the end of the Assessment, you’ll know:

  • Where you are overpaying (or getting underserved) for the services and support you are currently getting from your current IT company or team.
  • Whether or not your systems and data are truly secured from hackers and ransomware, and where you are partially or totally exposed.
  • If your data is actually being backed up in a manner that would allow you to recover it quickly in the event of an emergency or ransomware attack.
  • Where you are unknowingly violating Kansas and Missouri data breach laws.
  • How you could lower the overall costs of IT while improving communication, security and performance, as well as the productivity of your employees.

Fresh eyes see things that others cannot - so at a minimum, our IT Systems Assessment is a completely cost-free and risk-free way to get a credible third-party validation of the security, stability and efficiency of your IT systems.

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With BDS, we can focus on our core business

As an expanding mid-sized company, most of us are asked to wear several different hats and one of those hats for me was overseeing the IT. While having some experience, IT was not my main role with the company.

BDS Keeps Employees Productive

Our company eventually grew to the size where addressing IT problems was impeding with my primary responsibilities and the complexity of our needs had outgrown my knowledge. We wanted someone local for an onsite presence with reasonable rates. That’s when we chose Business Data Services.

After working with BDS, my time spent on addressing IT problems went from 3-4 hours per case to virtually 0. I’d say I spend 75% less time on IT problems since working with BDS. There has been less volatility within our whole network since we’ve brought BDS on. I can always call on them whenever I have a problem and have it addressed quickly and efficiently. When our employees call BDS, I like how they know who we are and they are familiar with our network.

“We have things operating smoothly and that’s what we needed all along”

When working with larger firms, I often waited hours on the phone for them to figure out who what company I was with and which department I needed to be routed to. More often than not, BDS has fixed the problem faster than the time it would have taken to talk to a technician at the larger firms. With BDS, we have things operating smoothly and that’s what we needed all along so we can focus on our core business.

Mike Wirtz Assistant Controller
VanTrust Real Estate
Kansas City, MO

Allows our business to operate more efficiently

We have been a client for a long time - prior to 2007 we had a string of IT companies that were bought by other companies, numerous times. We found that with each buy out, our service was less and less reliable. We are a small company, and since 2007 BDS has effectively handled ALL of our IT needs. This benefits us by eliminating the need to hire in-house IT staff. BDS is such an integral part of our team that we just simply don’t worry about IT…we have BDS.

“Security of our system is one of the top priorities at BDS”

From in-depth hardware and software recommendations to large scale systems upgrades every project is researched with our needs in mind and meticulously planned for a seamless completion. The security of our system is one of the top priorities at BDS, from their much-appreciated Security Alert email notifications on items we would never have known about, to monthly evaluations of our entire system and its functions. The upgrade and update recommendations to our software and hardware help keep us up-to-date and allow our business to operate efficiently.

BDS Eliminates the Headaches of Technology

Personally I most appreciate the knowledge that any problem I run into, even with a 3rd party vendor’s software, BDS is just a phone call away. If I feel uncertain or uneasy all I have to do is pick up the phone and give them a call. The staff is very professional, always willing to provide additional information if you ask or are if you are just curious.

I truly do not know how I would do my job without BDS, you are that much a part of our team and we “selfishly” wish you much success!

Ginny Clardy Controller
DDI Realty Services, Inc.
Overland Park, KS